Our Story

This is the digital era, but for many women, it’s the distraction era. They’ve become overwhelmed by the day to day multitasking and concerns of putting everyone’s needs before themselves.

Stress and tiredness from those concerns in daily life, result in the fact that when it comes to the end of the day, women always end up exhausted. They try to work more and know more because they tend to be filled with the feeling of FOMO (Fear of missing out), but the truth is they don’t need to.

At 64Hydro and 64Custom, Hydration and Motivation go Hand in Hand

At 64Hydro and 64Custom, we know how hard the modern woman works and the dedication she commits to daily. That’s why we work hard to keep you hydrated and driven. Hydration is key to help you recover and carry on.

Our 32oz tracker bottle is designed with the busy woman in mind. We want to inspire you and give you a reminder with our unique tracker design that tells you how much to drink and when. 

We have designs and quotes on our bottles to motivate you. We guarantee you’ll find one that touches you and will help you reach your specific goal. Our designs are contemporary and sleek, designed to inspire.

Consider our tracker bottle to be your friend, there to remind you to take a little break and make small moments in the day about you.

We’ve got you covered. We understand your needs, so we remove barriers to hydration and motivation.

That is our tracker bottle and that is the bottle designed for YOU.